Saturday, February 18, 2012


So it's been a while since I have posted here. I definitely did not realize how much of a time commitment I was getting myself into! I will not for one second complain, because I love challenges and I love what I am doing, but goodness I have been working very hard to keep my head above water.

I am finally getting the room organized, or at least organized enough to function. It has taken countless trips to the dumpster and many boxes of things to "donate" to willing victims. It feels good to have a clean room to teach in, though!

I was told before I started that my class was a "nightmare." Well, I can see how they could be. I have 4 boys in my class that like to get lots of attention and they are very strong-willed about it. I refuse to fight with them, and they seem to finally be getting the idea that their antics aren't working with me. Dealing with their behavior issues is exhausting, though.

I am a little discouraged when I look at their benchmark testing scores. It just irks the mess out of me that they showed absolutely no growth this year. NONE. I have my work cut out for me.

I have had almost zero time to blog or read the entries of all of the wonderful people I follow. The weekends aren't even giving me any wiggle room! This life of a teacher is no joke!

Regardless of how much hard work I am doing, how little free time I have, and how tired I am when I finally get home at 5...6...or even 7 o'clock, I truly love this career. I love showing students how important they are to me, and I try every day to encourage and motivate every child in my class. Fifth graders aren't always the best at showing appreciation for these things, but I see it in small ways. They know, because I have told them, that I expect their best every day, just like they expect my best. I work hard, so they should work hard.

I know I can get there with this group. I know that I can be a strong teacher. I want to pull off excellent test scores, but at this point that is not my concern. I want these kids to appreciate school and want to learn.

I am going to try to update with some pictures of my room soon. Until then, happy blogging! Hope everyone survived Valentine's Day...nobody told me how much of a whirlwind that day would be!

-Ms. Evans ;)