Friday, August 10, 2012

Classroom Pictures!

Alright, y'all. I am on the ball. I have been in my classroom all week and I love what I have done with the place so much that I simply have to share with the blog world. my room! (Minus curtains...they are a work in progress at the moment.)

I am most proud of my chair covers with pockets...I learned to work a sewing machine and made these puppies myself!

This is my small little reading cubby. I have another bookcase, but this revolving bookcase will be used to showcase themes/authors throughout the school year.

My front  "time" the bottom will be the rest of my daily schedule once I have it.

This is my least favorite teacher area. Just blah. There's just so much STUFF! I am looking for some cute (yet cheap) bins to swap out with the ugly ones on top of the shelves. Then it will perk up!

This is my room! All I need now are my 24 fifth graders!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Looooong Siesta, but I'M BAAAAAACK...with a Currently

Hello, followers. That is, if you haven't completely given up hope of me and my witty banter reappearing in the blog world. I got caught up in end of the year finangling and personal drama, but I am back, invigorated and ready to start my first FULL year of teaching! Lots of changes, lots of ideas, and not enough money, time, or magic to make them all a reality! Nevertheless, I've been extremely busy getting things done in/for my new classroom and I can't WAIT to put it all together on Tuesday. Maybe I'll be a good little blogger and post pictures of my success...because believe me, this room is going to be pure magic. I can just feel it. Until I get the chance to post "Big Picture" pictures, here's something to whet your whistle! ;)

My chair cover with pocket...I have pink and green pockets.

My precious "Where Are You" sign to keep up with students throughout the day.

Shows promise, huh??

Anywho, here's my Currently!